October 2014

 Are you known as the "Big Dipper" amongst friends? We at the 'Tope encourage all manner of dipping, whether it be into hot coffee or cold milk. No need to challenge yourself to six cookies like the optimist in the picture below. A delicious oat toffee or chocolate chip cookie is all you'll need to balance your cup of freshly brewed organic coffee. Seriously. A cookie. Mmmm...

Love is lurking somewhere at our Capitola Road shop. I know what you're thinking: hot coffee, buttery croissants, and a luscious egg bagel. Ah, but you might also include Lovedog tattoo studio's juicy new art show now adorning the walls. Need any ideas for your next tattoo?

Jalapeno Cream Cheese

Feliz Navidad! Warm your insides by trying our jalapeno cream cheese on a toasted bagel. Chunky peppers surrounded by creamy cheese...what's not to love? This spread will wake you up almost as quickly as our coffee. Certain customers (you know who you are) are already addicted. Don't say we didn't warn you.

It's THAT time of year again..

Typically we've never put any energy into promoting ourselves around the local "Best Of" contests, and gratefully have been rewarded many times by you, our friendly customers. Entering a favorite business or place (or ______) is kind of a PITA, as often one is required to enter picks for way more categories than one wants to have a valid ballot. This year we've noticed a trend of businesses having signs and notices up fishing for "Best Of" votes, and it seems that we'd be reticent if we didn't at least ask. That being said...
If you would have the time and inclination to mention us in either the Good Times or Santa Cruz Weekly "Best Of" voting (now done entirely online for both papers), we'd sure appreciate it! The world of serving up coffee and goodies is a mighty competitive one, so any little nod in our favor can really help out! If there's smoething we're not doing, or need to work on, I hope that you's also let US know so that we can continue to grow and improve and if need be learn from our mistakes!

Dave, Kristin, and all of your Coffeetopia Staff!


Bill Moyers!

I've never pointed this meager blog towards politics, but I wanted to share this most brilliant of thoughts from Bill Moyers:

I think this country is in a very precarious state at the moment. I think, as I say, the escalating, accumulating power of organized wealth is snuffing out everything public, whether it’s public broadcasting, public schools, public unions, public parks, public highways. Everything public has been under assault since the late 1970s, the early years of the Reagan administration, because there is a philosophy that’s been extant in America for a long time that anything public is less desirable than private.

And I think we’re at a very critical moment in the equilibrium. No society, no human being, can survive without balance, without equilibrium. Nothing in excess, the ancient Greeks said. And Madison, one of the great founders, one of the great framers of our Constitution, built equilibrium into our system. We don’t have equilibrium now. The power of money trumps the power of democracy today, and I’m very worried about it. I said to—and if we don’t address this, if we don’t get a handle on what we were talking about—money in politics—and find a way to thwart it, tame it, we’re in —democracy should be a break on unbridled greed and power, because capitalism, capital, like a fire, can turn from a servant, a good servant, into an evil master. And democracy is the brake on my passions and my appetites and your greed and your wealth. And we have to get that equilibrium back.

Bill Moyers in a Democracy Now Interview 6/8/2011