It's THAT time of year again..

Typically we've never put any energy into promoting ourselves around the local "Best Of" contests, and gratefully have been rewarded many times by you, our friendly customers. Entering a favorite business or place (or ______) is kind of a PITA, as often one is required to enter picks for way more categories than one wants to have a valid ballot. This year we've noticed a trend of businesses having signs and notices up fishing for "Best Of" votes, and it seems that we'd be reticent if we didn't at least ask. That being said...
If you would have the time and inclination to mention us in either the Good Times or Santa Cruz Weekly "Best Of" voting (now done entirely online for both papers), we'd sure appreciate it! The world of serving up coffee and goodies is a mighty competitive one, so any little nod in our favor can really help out! If there's smoething we're not doing, or need to work on, I hope that you's also let US know so that we can continue to grow and improve and if need be learn from our mistakes!

Dave, Kristin, and all of your Coffeetopia Staff!