a year of relief & refills!

[insert static sound]

After riding in turbulence and heading towards a country where my poppa and his addictive crew would run near-boiling water through burned rice to mimic the taste of coffee. I've decided that getting my socks knocked off my feet in a tin can with wings 30,000 feet in the air...that I should really get into the whole 2010 resolution dishing.

So may I repeat, very loud, through my screen to yours HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! (insert fireworks)

On a serious note, What's not exciting about flipping over that same old leaf that we can't seem to budge, and what's not exciting about trying for the umpteenth time to keep a resolution? Ha, resolutions.

According to Wiki:

A New Years Resolution (N.) A New Year's resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments normally go into effect on New Year's Day.

...Why don't we change that Wiki-def. up and create a group of individuals that are reforming a habit, for sure, how about we stamp this as Coffeetopia Resolutions of Resolute Resolvers. You can lay off the fingernail biting, foot tapping anxiety and join the cause!

And since it's a new decade. 20[10] why don't we polish a list of TEN resolutions:

1. Drink more coffee, drive responsibly.

2. Try our recently added lox bagel w/ a cup of your joe, if not a special espresso drink.
Oh! & don't forget the red onions (..w/ the bagel)

3. Still feening for the energy? Really craving a low-calorie latte? Why not try a short version of your latte drink with NF milk? (Sorry our soy technology is not up to speed quite, yet)

Short basically exudes the tipping of your toes in the antartic ocean during winter; hey, why not?

4. DEFINITELY try a brew bar within these 365 days! The taste, the aroma, the fabric of our experiences...oh your first brew bar, may be a re-tendered love of a brew bar will be a razzle-dazzle type of an experience! I guarantee it.

5. Have a smoothie. They are all non-dairy, and all natural. I would highly recommend an Acai Smoothie since it's loaded with antioxidants. Mmm, delicious. We can also make substitutions on the fruits & liquid, no problem.

6. Just not into carbs this year? We understand, especially since those egg bagels smell so delicious. For $2.75 why not try a bageless bagel?

7. The gift of giving. Is it already that person's birthday? anniversary? celebration again? Need a quick "thoughtful" idea! I'm putting dibs on our gift cards :). They're great for all occasions and non-occasions. And we treat them like cash! Ah, to give more...:)

8. Stay and think local. We really appreciate the importance of supporting local shops. From our coffee to our bagels, right down to our pastries: Locality is key to a happy happy town.

9. Try @ least one of our special types of bagel spreads. We have your hummus, smoked tofu, plain 'ol butta, to your plain cream cheese, to your Jalapeno, Garlic Herb, and Sundried Tomatoe cream cheeses! Blended daily.

AND--for--- THE----- FINAL-e
10. Become a regular! If that means creating your own latte, making a coffee you like iced or hot, we have the resources to give you your perfect drink. Deal? Great. See you soon!

See, not all New Years Resolutions are that tedious, right? Who's with me on this one? 2010, Wheeeeeee!!!

Breve, Breve.