Mazzer Robur!

I never thought I would be singing the praises of a grinder but as of yesterday at the Portola Dr. cafe that has all changed! Sure it's big. Yeah, a little pricey. Beautiful? Yes! But the flavor and crema difference in the cup is what counts, and we're very impressed.

That's a Mazzer Super Jolly in the background--a workhorse in the industry--but my goodness it looks like a home grinder compared to the Robur! We're still learning it's tricks--it's fast!

We'll be bringing Roburs to the other two Coffeetopias in the coming weeks. We're looking forward to adding this tool to our mix in the persuit of excellent espresso. It'll be interesting to see the results at Mission through the Synesso and Cap Rd. through the LaMarzocco. Anyway, it IS just a grinder, and I don't want to sound any more like Mazzer ad copy than I already do, but together with some soon-to-be announced espresso changes we're feeling very good heading into Summer!

Double shot anyone? Salud!